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Then was created by myself (Ryan Ternier) as a site where I could express my ideas and thoughts onto the .NET community. It started with a small static site, and a dynamic projects website where I could upload sample code solutions and examples to help people with issues they were having with ASP.NET.

When I finally got my blog up and running on ASP.NET blogs, I used the projects section mainly to help demonstrate my blog posts so people could follow along with my rambling. Despite the zounds of comments I've gotten from my blog, I have to say over 40% of them are about the French characters in vista, which can be solved if you read this post on fixing the french character issue.


Recently I've decided to learn ASP.NET MVC. So rather than start small and learn my way through it, I decided to rebuild my website from the ground up using ASP.NET MVC. It has been a slow go, with our 2 year old at home and expecting another any week now, but it's coming. I've done a few things differently with this website. Seeing as it's a learning tool for me, I've decided to make it more complicated that it ever has to be. I have a custom factory of Controls that run this website, which you can read on my blog post about ASP.NET MVC, Reflection and Control libraries. My post explains the benefits of this approach.

The Goal

What is the goal of my website? To learn. I learn best by doing, by seeing what other people have done and then steal it! I don't have time to create a masterpiece, but I have time to see how one is made and then add my twisted ideas to it.

However, I also want to help the community that has helped me. With this new website I'll be releasing a new projects application that will allow viewers to easily see projects I have worked on: Bing Maps silver light control, reflection, code factories, Hello World?, or anything else people might need help with.

About Ryan Ternier

I've lived in Western Canada my entire life. I'm a passionate family man, who has an amazing wife and two kids. I would not be the man I am without them. I spend my time training our dog, playing piano & guitar, hiking, bow hunting, and experimenting with web technologies.

I started creating web pages in 1996 on my geocities account. I learned basic HTML and realized I couldn't do much dynamic work so I delved into CGI. From there I moved into PHP, then to ASP.NET I started professional web design in 2001 with Visual Statement while attending University. After I graduated I moved to iCompass Technolgoies. I was there for almost 4 years before moving to Visual Statement, where I am currently employed.

I do all my work in ASP.NET / ASP.NET MVC. I am profficient in C#, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, and MS SQL.

Ryan Ternier.
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